Mit fotoalbum - her kan du se, hvad jeg har fremstillet gennem årene!

23. november 2010

London Community Gospel Choir

I weekenden deltager jeg i en workshop med dette skønne gospelkor! Hold da op, hvor jeg glæder mig!

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  1. Hello,Annelise:-)
    I have just found Your Blog,watched a lot and I am impressed with these,what I see:-)I like Your Patchwork Works very much.
    I would like to send You my Best Regards and invite You to visit my blog sometime.I also live in DK-very close to Your Hometown:-)I often do my shopping there:-)I love Nyborg very much.I am not Danish,but married to a Danish Husband.I am not skilled in Danish language,as it is too difficult for me,so I communicate in English everywhere.
    Best Regards-from Halina/Ullerslev-DK/

  2. Hello Halina!
    Thankyou for your sweet comment to mig work! I just visited your blog but unfortunately you don't have an email adress so I hope you will read this comment!
    Your Tilda ladies are so beautiful. We are lucky to have suchs great hobbies!